Baptism and first communion are some of the earliest sacraments that help welcome young children into the church and their faith. 

These important religious milestones also come with the giving of gifts to help remember and celebrate these important occasions. Nothing helps celebrate those moments like the longevity of fine jewelry like bracelets and rings — especially when you choose jewelry that will last for their lifetime. 

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Baptism is a very important experience for the newborn, the parents, and the godparents. After these newborns are welcomed into their faith, it is a tradition to shower that child with memorable baptismal gifts. You also want to make sure that these gifts are something that will last long enough for that newborn to grow up and cherish as they get older. 

A tiny ring for the newborn can be a great way to help celebrate their recent baptism. There are a lot of options for rings, like choosing their birthstone or another beautiful gem and getting a ring with a heart or cross on it. 

While the ring might be too small to fit that child when they get older, they will have a delicate piece of jewelry to help them remember an important milestone in their journey of faith. 

A small bracelet with a cross or another important charm can also be a great way to help celebrate that child’s baptism. For girls, a small set of precious studs in the shape of a cross makes another great gift that the child can continue to wear and cherish as they grow. 

First Communion

First communion is a special time for everyone because the child has officially received their first Eucharist. What’s even more special is the sentiment behind the gifts that are given to help commemorate this moment long after. 

For girls, first communion is often their first time receiving a piece of real jewelry, aside from any baptismal jewelry they were given. Now that she is older, a gold bracelet with a cross hanging off it is a great way to help them carry the sentiment behind first communion with them everywhere. This is also a gift they can wear with them everywhere for a continual reminder of their Eucharist. 

When boys have their first communion, this is one of their first times to dress up. This also makes it a great time to give them their first silver chalice tie/lapel pin. Not only will they have a small piece of their first communion to carry with them, but this also gives them a way to learn how to dress up and show off their lapel. 

Find Real Gold Jewelry

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